U.F.P. Peacekeepers


Welcome to the U.F.P. Peacekeepers Fleet


"For the Peacekeepers!"


"For the Peacekeepers!"


About Us

We are a group of International gamers who form a fleet in the MMO/RPG Star Trek Online [PC].

U.F.P. Peacekeepers

Founded: Stardate 90359.52 (October 3, 2012)

Faction: Starfleet - United Federation of Planets

Fleet Level: 67

Language: English

Nationality: International

Location: Worldwide

Armada: 44th Fleet - Gamma

We focus on helping each other improve our game skills, and of course having a lot of fun in the process.

Fleet Holdings


Starbase Peacekeeper

Starbase: Tier 4 of 5

Military: Tier 4 of 5

Engineering: Tier 4 of 5

Science: Tier 4 of 5

U.F.P.P. Embassy to New Romulus

Embassy: Tier 3 of 3

Diplomacy: Tier 3 of 3

Recruit: Tier 3 of 3

U.F.P.P. Mining Operation

Dilithium Mine: Tier 3 of 3

Trade: Tier 3 of 3

Development: Tier 3 of 3

U.F.P.P. Solanae Outpost

Spire: Tier 3 of 3

Research: Tier 3 of 3

Operations: Tier 3 of 3

U.F.P.P. Research Facility

Research Lab: Tier 3 of 3

Research: Tier 3 of 3

Development: Tier 3 of 3

Deep Space K-13

K-13: Tier 2 of 3

Retrofit Engineering: Tier 3 of 3

Xenotech Research: Tier 2 of 3

Peacekeeper Colony

Colony World: Tier 2 of 5

Morale: Tier 2 of 5

Infrastructure: Tier 2 of 5

Renewable Energy: Tier 2 of 5


Fleet Recruitment Status: Open

We are looking for brave new fleet mates!

In order to see if we are the right fleet for you, we recommend you study the

Welcome New Cadet! page before joining our ranks.

Starfleet or Federation aligned RRF and Dominion characters can join.

To receive an invitation to our fleet, follow the steps below:

  1. Do a fleet search in your social window (button is located next to your mini-map).
  2. Once you have located us, click on the "details" button.
  3. You can pm any of the fleet members listed here.

If no one appears on the list, feel free to use the contact form below to reach us.

Open Hailing Frequencies

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible!
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